PLCSQL Link - Connecting database and production together

Say goodbye to PCs on your production floor!

 - manage all process values from your desktop

Imagine a world, where all process values from the production are available in your spreadsheet, ERP system or Intranet.
Or all relevant data from your order system is automatically accessible by all machines on the production floor.

ALSMATIK A/S presents PLCSQL Link, a revolutionary concept for industrial data communication.

Say Goodbye to:
  • OPC-servers
  • VB-Scripts
  • PC-software
  • Annual license costs
  • Windows drivers
  • Additional hardware modules
  • Difficult configuration
  • Time consuming faultfinding
Say Hello to:
  • Verification of the data transfer process
  • Easy diagnose and alarming by communication disturbances
  • Ready-to-run STEP7 function blocks for the PLC-programmer
  • Reconfiguration directly from HMI or user program in the PLC


All rights to PLCSQL Link has been transferred to the company ALSMATIK A/S, effective from April 2018. All future sales and development activity will take place at ALSMATIK A/S.
PLCSQL Link is also available in a Lite version. If the need is to access existing databases, this version is limited to 6 columns and Max 3 Data types of each kind.
PLCSQL Link has been tested compatible with Microsoft SQL Server 2019. In addition to being compatible with all other versions down to SQL Server 2000, is PLCSQL Link ready for the brand new SQL Server 2019.

The SIMATIC TIA-version of PLCSQL Link is now available for S7-1200 and S7-1500.

The support section has been updated with new User Manuals, Getting Started Guides and an open Support Forum where you are welcome to post any questions you may have.

The forum contains frequently asked questions received by our support team as well.

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